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Please note: Progress Evenings were previously known as Parents' Consultations.

Progress Evenings are where parents and carers have the opportunity to speak with their son’s subject teacher. Each year group has one Progress Evening per year.

The dates of each Progress Evening can be found here. They take place using the video call system provided by School Cloud. We promote, and strongly encourage, attendance at Progress Evenings as they provide the opportunity for parents to discuss their son's academic progress in detail.

Parents and carers book their own conveniently-timed appointments using the booking system. Parents can log in to the booking system via the parents' useful links section of our school website.

How to use the booking system


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Parents and carers can contact school regarding Progress Evenings at any time by emailing 

Progress Evening FAQs

  • How do I book my appointments?

Log in to the Progress Evening system.

  • How do I attend my video call appointments?

Log in to the booking system as you did to make your appointments. Then click the ‘Join Video Appointments’ button. You must log in to the system using the same credentials as the person that booked the appointments in order to attend the appointments. Alternatively, a link to the appointment can be shared with another parent.

If you are unsure how to book or attend your appointments, step-by-step instructions can be found by watching the video on the school website.

  • Do I need a username and password?

No, just your own details and your son’s details. They must match the information that we hold in our school system.

  • What shall I do if there are no appointments left for a member of staff that I would like to see?

If there are no appointments available for a member of staff, please add yourself to their waiting list by clicking the ‘Request an Appointment’ button. This can be found directly underneath the teacher’s name on the screen where you choose your appointment times. You will then receive a follow-up email or phone call at a later date. If an appointment becomes available before the Progress Evening takes place, the available appointment will be added to your bookings, and you will be contacted via email. It will show in your list of appointments. You will not need to do anything.

  • Can I extend my appointment length?

No. Appointments are set to last for 5 minutes each. Neither yourself nor the teacher can extend this time. The appointment will automatically cut off at the end of your time slot. You will then move on to your next appointment. Please remember to press ‘start’ for your next appointment.

  • How can I prepare for my son’s Progress Evening?

Read your son’s Assessment Report and take note of the explanation on the back of the report that explains the colour system that we use. Familiarising yourself with our reporting system now will free up valuable time during an appointment and will allow the focus of the appointment to be on how well your son is doing in each subject, rather than explaining the report.

Also, watch the Parental and Carer Guidance videos for each of your son’s subjects. This will free up crucial time during your appointment as you will have already received the answers to many of your questions.

  • What shall I do if I can’t log in on the day of the Progress Evening?

If you have any connection issues after 3:30pm on the day of the Progress Evening, please email and we shall try to help you in time for your appointments. Please include your son’s name and your own name in your email.

  • Who should I contact if I can no longer attend my appointments?

If you are unable to attend your appointments, please contact and we will cancel your appointments and reallocate them to another parent who is waiting for an appointment to speak with their son’s teacher. We really appreciate being informed when you are no longer able to attend your appointments, so please do tell us.

  • My son has Special Educational Needs. Can I speak to a member of staff about this?

Yes. Either the SENDCo or the Associate Assistant SENDCo will be available to book an appointment with. SEND appointments will last for 10 minutes.

  • Which Internet browser should I use to get the best experience of the Progress Evening?

Where possible, please use Google Chrome (this can be downloaded for free). However, other browsers are supported. Please check that your browser is compatible with the video system by running the test in the booking system ahead of the Progress Evening date.

  • Which device should I use?

You can use a smartphone with a forward-facing camera, a laptop or computer with a webcam. Please check that your camera and audio equipment are working by running the test in the booking system ahead of the Progress Evening date.