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At West Hill School we have a wealth of ways to help you keep in touch with everyday school life. In addition to the website, there are many other options for how parents and carers can hear about their son’s progress, our school community, our successes and our links to the community. These include:

The Student Planner

The student planner is an essential piece of equipment. Students are expected to bring their planner to school every day, and use it in every lesson. The planner is a tool for students to organise their school work, keep track of their homework and record their achievements.

Teachers use the planner to communicate messages home to parents, so it is important that they are checked at home regularly.

There are pages in the planner for students to record their academic progress. We encourage parents and carers to review these progress pages with their son and help him set targets for improvement.

Parents and carers will find a copy of the home school agreement in the student planner, which sets out what parents/carers, students and us as a school can expect from each other.

The School Gateway

The School Gateway enables us to share information with parents and carers quickly via email, text, online and a smartphone app (for Android and iPhones).

We send most of our communications via email. On occasion, we may also send text messages. When a text message is sent, those with the app will receive the message straight to their app. Parents and carers can also contact school via the app, absences can be reported, and general enquiries can be sent.

The School Gateway allows parents and carers to view and, in some instances, amend the following for their son:

  • Attendance
  • Achievements
  • Behaviour
  • Assessment data
  • Assessment Reports
  • Lesson timetable
  • Student details
  • Medical conditions
  • Parental contact details
  • School details
  • Payments - for trip, school equipment, revision resources etc.

Please note: School dinner payments are not made via the School Gateway; they are made using Parent Pay.

How do I get the app?

Parents and carers are automatically enroled onto the School Gateway. All that is required to enable access are current mobile number and email address details. A PIN number will then be sent to the mobile phone. Contact details must match the information that we hold on our school system therefore parents and carers should keep us updated with any changes to these.

Downloading the app is the best way to access the School Gateway

Social Media

Our website follows all of our busy social media accounts, namely: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter/X

All feeds can be followed via the website without the need to download the Apps. However, you will receive more up-to-date and regular alerts to our updates by following each account.

As well as following the main school Twitter - X account, those with a Twitter - X account can follow our other dedicated school Twitter - X accounts which give up-to-date curriculum and co-curricular information.

West Hill Twitter - X Accounts

Twitter - X account Follow us at:
Main School @westhillschool
Art @westhillartdept
Attendance @WH_Attendance
Business @WH_Business
Careers @westhillcareers
Class of 2024 @WestHill_2024
Class of 2025 @WH_2025
Class of 2026 @WH_2026
Class of 2027 @WH_2027
Class of 2028 @WH_2028
Class of 2029 @WH_2029
Computer Science @WestHill_CS
Duke of Edinburgh @WH_DofE
English @WestHill_Eng
Geography @WH_Geog
History @WH_Hist
History of West Hill School @WestHill1927
Literacy @WH_Literacy
Maths @WH_Maths
Modern Foreign Languages @WH_Langs
Music @WestHillMuse
PE @westhillPE
RE and IDP @WestHill_RE
School Library @WH_Lib
Science @westhillscience
Ski Trip @WestHillSki
Technology @WestHillTech