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Catering at West Hill School is provided by Taylor Shaw. Students can purchase and eat their food choice in the school canteen. Both hot and cold food choices are available.

Menus are varied, and are rotated on a three-week cycle. Menus are also regularly updated throughout the year.

Week One Week Two Week Three
18/09/2023 25/09/2023 02/10/2023
09/10/2023 16/10/2023 30/10/2023
06/11/2023 13/11/2023 20/11/2023
27/11/2023 04/12/2023 11/12/2023
18/12/2023 - -

We offer a cashless catering system at West Hill School which means that no cash can be accepted at the till points in the school dining room. We use the payment system ParentPay. Accounts must be credited in order for students to make their purchases.

 The machines in the canteen can also be used to add cash funds to students' accounts.

All ParentPay accounts must have sufficient credit for students to use this service.

Students that qualify for free school meals will also use the ParentPay system. Their accounts will automatically be credited with the value allocated for free school meals each day, which they can then spend using the biometric system at lunchtime. Equally, students can top-up their balances, if desired, to enable them to purchase a snack before school or at morning break.

Boys who bring a packed lunch will be directed to the school hall where tables and seating are available.