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Revision Support

Supporting student revision

Students are taught revision strategies throughout their time at West Hill School.  They explore a number of different strategies required for recalling and retrieving information that they will need to be successful in their exams.  Knowing how to support students when it comes to revision can be daunting for parents and carers however, by reading the pamphlets below that are aimed at parents and carers, they can ensure that their son is well-prepared.

The pamphlets can be viewed online or printed.

If parents and carers need any further support, the first point of contact should be the Form Tutor.

  1. Encourage your son to make a revision timetable.  Make the timetable realistic by first including your son’s weekly commitments e.g., family visits, clubs, training and social time.
  2. Look at the revision timetable together; does it cover all subjects and are the timings realistic?  Research shows the optimum concentration time is between 30-40 minutes followed by a break.
  3. Help your son plan the timetable of revision to prioritise his weaker subjects/content.
  4. Make sure your son has a quiet space to work and limit distractions.
  5. Take an interest in your son’s revision; know that they are revising and ask them about the content.   Resist asking them how long they have revised for, this is not a measure of effectiveness.
  6. Keep an eye on how much sleep your son is getting and encourage routine.
  7. Fresh air and a healthy diet are as important in exam success as revising.

Remember you are one of the most important tools in your son’s exam success; helping them to keep things in perspective and supporting them in good revision habits.