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Curriculum Aims               

We aim for every boy to:

  • develop the knowledge and skills needed to lead healthy and responsible lives as confident individuals and active members of society;
  • develop an understanding of democratic processes, social justice, human rights, and global issues, so they are prepared to contribute positively to society;
  • develop their financial literacy skills and economic awareness, so they can make informed decisions regarding personal finance and career choices;
  • have accurate knowledge and understanding around healthy relationships, consent and respect, so they can make responsible choices;
  • have the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to make informed decisions about their physical and mental health;
  • develop effective communication skills, empathy and respect for others, and to develop the skills necessary to become responsible and resilient individuals.

Curriculum Information


Students do not take any formal qualifications for this course.

Further Information

Working with Parents

West Hill School seeks to work in partnership with parents through consultation and support. Parents are vital in teaching students about sex and relationships, maintaining the culture and ethos of the family, helping children to cope with the emotional and physical aspects of growing, and preparing them for the challenges and responsibilities that sexual maturity brings.   We welcome discussion on the content of this policy and our teaching of Sex and Relationships Education at any time.  The Head of IDP Mr G Harrison should be contacted in the first instance.

Withdrawal from Sex and Relationships Education

Sex and relationship education will be taught at West Hill School within I.D.P. and Science lessons.  It is therefore not envisaged that there will be ‘one-off’ or isolated lessons, except when a Health Professional is invited to address the students.  Tolerance and empathy of a variety of genders, sexualities and relationships is a vital part of life in modern British society.

Parents should be aware that children cannot be withdrawn from science lessons on human reproduction as this forms a statutory duty.

Sections of numerous IDP lessons will include discussion on sex and relationship issues and as part of the planned scheme. If parents wish to withdraw a child, they should submit a written request to the Headteacher.


To support students, resources are available as directed by the subject teachers. The websites below can be accessed for further information;