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Welcome - 4th September 2020

West Hill School has a long and at times fascinating history. Previous Headteachers recorded incidents that occurred during their tenures in school, in a log book.  It is a fascinating read and our intention is to share sections of it in due course.  Mr Berry, a former Deputy Headteacher, has been working through the many pages, and we also hope to be able to display parts of this history within school in the near future.

So, inspired by that historical document, I will use this platform to share events and reflect upon our current experiences, as well as those moving forward.

This week in itself has been a significant and unusual start to an academic year.  In fact almost like no previous one.  As it is, the boys have adapted very quickly to the demands in regards to the Covid safeguards. It will require some adjustments to some of our systems, but we retain and protect what we value most.

I would like to praise publicly, the work staff have done since lockdown began in March.  The challenge to support our boys, particularly with remote learning, was one the whole staff body rose to and delivered on.  In addition, staff have worked tirelessly to ensure the school site, as well as our adapted systems, were ready to welcome the return of all our boys.   

It is vital that every member of our community adheres to what we have in place.  The message we have given the boys is one of personal and collective responsibility.  I have every confidence that we will ensure this works for everyone.

The last time we had a full cohort of boys and staff on site was March 20.  Today is the first time we are back to that position.  It has been a long wait and it does feel good to be back.

Mr Owens