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The School Council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all students. It is through the School Council that students can have their voice heard, and this is how the Headteacher and governors learn what improvements students want to see at West Hill.

The School Council is made up of form councillors, year councillors, the head of the School Council and other school council coordinators. Individual ideas are first discussed in form time then form councillors pass on students’ views to the year councillors, who then represent students at the School Council.

Students are elected onto the Student Council each September and hold their post until elections the following academic year.

The members of the full School Council and a member of the Senior Leadership Team attend a meeting once every half-term to discuss the suggestions that our students have made, which are collated by the Form Councillors.

After we have discussed them, the most popular and appropriate suggestions are brought forward, and discussed with the member of staff who is most likely to make it happen. In our time, we have achieved multiple significant changes across school. They include: selecting the new catering company for our school lunches, installing speed bumps on the drives to ensure students are safe walking up to school, and installing the new MUGA next to the sports hall, the list goes on.

We are the voice of the students at West Hill School, so our job is to make sure that every student's voice is heard.

Alex Hill

Head of School Council 2023-24