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Senior Leadership Team (SLT)


Name Title

Ms C Cronin

Headteacher. Teacher of English

Mr P Butterworth

Deputy Head - Curriculum. Teacher of Science

Mr J Whiting

Deputy Head - Pastoral. Designated Safeguarding Lead. Teacher of Science

Mrs K Anderton

Assistant Head - Inclusion and Student Development. SLT Lead for Year 8. Designated Safeguarding Lead. Teacher of History

Mrs A Barton

Assistant Head - Community and Student Engagement. SLT Lead for Year 9. Teacher of Maths

Mr M O’Dowd

Assistant Head - SEND and Primary Transition (SENDCo). SLT Lead for Year 7. Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead. Teacher of Science

Miss J Staples

Assistant Head - Teaching, Learning and Staff Development. SLT Lead for Year 11. Teacher of Geography

Mrs L Whiting

Assistant Head - Culture and Standards. SLT Lead for Year 10. Designated Safeguarding Lead. Teacher of History

Miss K Shackleton

Business Manager

 Teaching Staff

Name Title

Mr S Allen

Assistant Head of Department - Science

Mr I Battarbee

Head of PE

Mr D Butler

Head of Art

Mr A Carty

Head of Science

Mrs L Corrigan

Deputy Head of Department - Science. Head of Year 9

Mr D Cross

Teacher of Music & Maths

Mr J Davies

Second in PE

Mr G Dean

Teacher of Technology

Mr T Diamond

Head of Technology

Mr P Evans

Teacher of Science. Head of Year 7

Ms J Fisher

Head of Maths

Mr A Garcia Reyes

Learning Supervisor

Mr M Garraway

Teacher of Maths

Mr M Gee

Teacher of Science

Mr N Gray

Teacher of Humanities. Unicycle Coordinator

Miss M Gunter

Teacher of RE

Mr G Harrison

Head of RE & IDP

Mr M Hazzelby

Head of English

Mrs J Healey

Teacher of Art

Mr A Hill

Head of Geography

Miss S Johnson

Teacher of Science

Miss B Johnston

Teacher of Business Studies

Ms D Kenworthy

Head of Languages. Head of Year 11

Mr S Lane-Super

Teacher of Maths

Miss D Largey

Teacher of Geography. Head of Year 10

Mr J Lawton

Deputy Head of Department - Maths. Head of Year 8

Mr C Leckey

Teacher of Languages

Miss J Mason

Second in Technology

Mrs T McDougall

Deputy Head of Department - English

Mrs K Meager

Teacher of English

Mr D Merlo

Head of Business Studies.  Second in ICT

Mrs A Moody

Learning Supervisor. Teacher of Humanities

Mr D Moon

Teacher of English. Induction Tutor

Ms S Mouallem

Teacher of Maths

Mr W O’Hanlon

Teacher of Science

Mr M Park

Teacher of PE

Miss C Ridgway

Teacher of English

Mrs A Robinshaw

Assistant Head of Department - English

Ms S Robinson

Head of History

Mr J Rothwell

Teacher of PE

Mrs E Smith

Teacher of Geography

Mr P Warburton

Teacher of Maths

Mr S Wells

Head of Music

Mr C White

Teacher of English. Literacy Coordinator

Mr C Wilson

Teacher of ICT and Business

Mr J Wilson

Teacher of Technology

Miss K Wood

Teacher of Languages

Miss G Worthington

Head of ICT

 Support Staff

Name Title

Mrs Hua An

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Appleby

Careers Lead

Miss R Clarke

Facilities Manager

Miss S Ellor

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Y Gillespie

Reception Office Manager

Mr P Gillon

Network Manager

Miss A Glaister

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Heath

Data Manager

Mrs J Hemmings

Exams and Cover Manager. Clerk to Trustees

Mrs A Heywood


Mrs C Hobson

Art & Technology Technician

Mrs J Jones

Finance Assistant

Mrs N Macro


Mrs J Marsden


Miss N Mayall

Communications and Engagement Coordinator

Mr M O’Neill

Aim High Coordinator

Mrs A Porteous

Behaviour Manager

Mrs D Power

Learning Support Assistant

Miss J Ritchie

IT Services and Security Manager

Mr R Sinclair

Site Manager

Mrs J Smith

Associate Assistant SENDCo. Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Ms S Sykes

Attendance and Student Welfare Coordinator

Mrs J Taylor

Learning Support Assistant

Ms M Taylor

School Counsellor

Miss A Thirkettle

Science Technician

Miss A Uttley

Learning Support Assistant

Mr L Whitaker

IT Services Technician

Mrs K Whittaker

Resource Centre Coordinator

Mr A Williams

Behaviour Mentor

Mr Z Zastawny

Sports Hall Manager