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Modern Slavery Act and Human Trafficking Statement


This statement highlights the actions taken by West Hill School to reduce all potential modern slavery risks and to show that the school is committed to ensuring that no modern slavery or human trafficking is taking place in any part of the institution or holds any association with West Hill School. In-line with our core values, West Hill is committed to conducting its activities fairly and with the highest levels of respect and responsibility. We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or in any part of our business conduct.

Organisational Structure

West Hill School is a Single Academy Trust with a supply chain consisting of staffing resources, cleaning and catering services and office supplies. Where external companies are used to supply or undertake work at West Hill, our competitive tendering procedure is adopted to ensure that our tender processes comply with all regulatory requirements.

Organisational Policies

The following policies are adopted to ensure we minimise risk at West Hill:

  1. Child Protection Policy and Procedures
  2. Code of Conduct Policy and Procedures
  3. Competitive Tendering Procedures
  4. Safer Recruitment Policy
  5. Whistleblowing Policy

Modern Slavery Risks in our Supply Chains

We buy a range of goods and services, including stationery, office furniture, electronics (computers), food and catering supplies, books, printing and waste and recycling services and do so in accordance with public procurement law. West Hill employs agency supply staff. While risks of modern slavery are likely to be low, we recognise that there are risks through external services when used and use supply agencies where we feel high standards are deployed within their sourcing checks and monitoring.

Our Statement

Our commitment as a school to be respectful and responsible at all times stands in stark contrast to the acts involved in human trafficking and modern slavery. We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery and human trafficking within the school, and we expect the same high standards from our suppliers or externally sourced workforce. We comply and endorse all legislation and regulatory requirements and ensure that staff are not exploited through our adherence to employment, health and safety and human rights laws. Through our taught curriculum and staff training, we develop awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking to ensure it is the responsibility of all staff to be vigilant to any signs of modern slavery or human trafficking, alongside developing awareness within our students so that all at West Hill know the actions to take if there are any signs of modern slavery or human trafficking.

This statement has been approved by the Headteacher and will be reviewed annually.