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West Hill School holds ‘The Quality in Careers Standard’ and successfully passed reassessment in 2021.  West Hill School held the previous version of the award ‘Inspiring IAG’ at Gold level from 2011. 

West Hill School has a strong and committed careers team of staff who are aspirational and creative in their approach to CEAIG.  The team is well-supported by key staff and senior management. The school has made excellent progress since their initial accreditation, particularly around its increasing employer contacts and embedding careers in the curriculum. Congratulations on achieving the Quality in Careers Standard which fully incorporates the Gatsby Benchmarks. This is an excellent achievement and recognises the quality and breadth of your careers provision.

In addition, the following strengths were recognised:

There is a commitment to continuous improvement in the quality of the school’s CEIAG provision.

Measuring the impact of the units of careers education is excellent practice.

There is a proactive and creative approach to CEIAG, evidenced in the outstanding development of the Employability Skills Programme.

The Careers Team is well-focused and dedicated to opening up opportunities to pupils, using different methodology.

The school provides a bespoke approach to CEIAG for its pupils including tailored and personalised interventions for SEND, vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils.

Pupils are very positive in how the school is developing their life skills and presenting all pathways to them.

There is a strong culture of raising aspirations to ensure the pupils aim for and achieve their full potential.

The Careers Team have responded to the challenge of the lockdown admirably, in terms of utilising web and online resources and opportunities.

Employer engagement and partnership is growing and there is a commitment to make encounters meaningful to pupils.

The whole-school approach to embedding careers into the curriculum is going from strength to strength.

The website contains examples of very good practice, such as the subject presentations and the section on how the impact of CEIAG is measured.

Analysis of destinations of SEND and Pupil Premium pupils is very good practice.