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Uni life!...for our Year 8 students

Year 8 hit the University of Manchester!

Year 8 students travelled to the University of Manchester to find out all about Higher Education, and what it entails.

The boys had a lecture from current students to learn what higher education is, what qualifications they might need in order to go, and also learnt some key terms and new words that relate to university. Also, during the lecture, the difference between school and university was discussed, as well as what student life is like.

Our students took part in a 'campus quest' where they discovered the different buildings and areas of the campus, and also gathered interesting facts about the campus.

Later that day, boys enjoyed a 'societies workshop' where they learnt about the importance of university societies as well as the importance of hobbies and clubs. Students then created their own society and were given the task of trying to recruit new members.

It's fair to say that many eyes have been opened on the Year 8 university taster day. Boys have been shown the reality of university, goals and aspirations have been set, and they are now very informed about what may be ahead for them in the not-too-distant future.

Aim high, boys!