Your VLE password is the same as it is to log onto any school computer or for email.

For this reason, we do not have a form on the VLE that allows you to request a password reset to be emailed to you as this would stop you getting into your email to see it.

If you need your password to be reset, please email ICT Support, don't forget to include your username in the email.  Please send the email from an account that will be linked to your SIMs profile in school, otherwise further authentication may be requested.

Please note that different systems have slightly different requirements for your username.

Your username is made up from:

  • the last two digits of the year you started
  • the initial letter of your first name
  • all of your last name

For example, John Smith starting in 2020 is 20jsmith.

System Address Username
VLE 20jsmith
Email westhillschool\20jsmith
Remote Access westhillschool\20jsmith


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