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Sallie’s Denton:

39 Manchester Rd
M34 3JU

Tel: 0161 336 3305
Tel: 0161 337 0619

MCS Stores:

32 Market Street
(Behind Ashton’s Indoor Market)

Tel: 0161 339 9845

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133 Chew Valley Road

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Kids Stop:

49 Market St
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If you have queries regarding West Hill School uniform please contact school on 0161 338 2193 or

Uniform Requirements

The Headteacher reserves the right to determine when any part of a boy’s uniform or general appearance is contrary to the school policy and expectations. Boys who choose not to abide by our high standards may be sent home or isolated at the discretion of the Headteacher in order to amend the issue.

Items indicated by * are only available from our recognised suppliers

Years 7 to 11 inclusive

  • White Shirt
  • School Tie*
  • Black V neck Jumper (optional)
  • Black Trousers (available from our school uniform suppliers) -  denim, corduroy, canvas, combat, cargo , or drainpipe trousers are not allowed
  • School Blazer – with badge*
  • Plain Black polishable  shoes – Pumps,Trainers or Hybrids are not allowed** ***

** These include the ‘Van’ style of footwear, such as these. (The image is for illustrative purposes as to the ‘type’ of footwear to and is not an indication of the only make and model being highlighted).

Indoor PE Kit

  • White T Shirt with school badge*
  • Royal Blue Shorts with school badge*
  • White Sports Socks
  • Trainers with non marking soles
  • Towel

Outdoor PE Kit

  • Red & Gold/Blue Rugby Shirt (Reversible) with school badge*
  • Royal Blue Rugby Shorts with school badge*
  • Royal Blue Socks with school badge*
  • Trainers
  • Football/Rugby Boots (no blades)
  • Towel

All articles of clothing must be clearly marked with the student's name.  

Items indicated by * are only available from our recognised suppliers

Hair cut/style

Unusual and extreme hairstyles are not allowed.  Hair should be smart and groomed:

  • No patterns, lines or designs artificially placed in the hair or eyebrows.
  • No unnatural colouring.
  • Long hair which falls below the collar line must be neatly tied back.

The final decision will rest with the Headteacher whether a hairstyle is acceptable or not.

Facial hair

  • Boys should endeavour to keep facial hair well maintained, for a professional appearance.

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