Dear Parent/Carers

We want all of our boys to achieve the GCSE results that they deserve. This does not just happen by attending lessons; your son needs to be fully engaged in a routine of independent learning. 

As we now enter year 11 it is more important than ever that your son takes charge of his learning. To support this we have built in opportunities for your son to work independently during the school week. 

In Form time, there are two sessions when your son is expected to complete silent study and reading. His Form Tutor will be encouraging him to bring his English texts, revision books and other study materials. One morning a week is dedicated to numeracy to build a foundation for his mathematics GCSE. 

Your son is timetabled for an hour of independent study each week on a Friday. These sessions involve work on planning revision timetables and revision techniques, but the main emphasis is that your son attends these sessions prepared with work and revision that he needs to complete. 

Home learning

When he is at home, your son should be engaging with all home learning tasks that have been set. It is important that your son establishes a routine in which he completes and revisits his schoolwork, on a regular basis. The VLE should be used to support his home learning and his revision. 

Ideally there should be a quiet area in the home, free from the temptations of social media, in which he can focus. Working in sessions of 45 minutes is often the most productive, even more so when an element of testing is introduced. We recommend completing two sessions a day. 

How can you help your son?

Explain that he has to take responsibility for his own learning. Encourage him to get into good habits.  He will need to manage his time effectively. This can be done through a Study Timetable.  More importantly, he needs to realise that he will “get the results he deserves”.

West Hill School subscribes to a group called PiXL and they have produced the resource below specifically for parents to help them supporting their children:


The school website has links to a wealth of resources that your son can use.

Each subject area Provides an outline of the course your son is studying and links to further resources in that subject

Pixl Apps

PP’s showing parents how to use them

A range of applications available across many Apple and Android as well as via a web browser on desktop/laptops

  • Maths App
  • Times tables App
  • English Lit App
  • Geography App
  • History App

Website used in school for learning resources, homework and revision.


Learning resources, assessments and digital copies of textbooks


PiXL Independence

PiXL have created a series of subject-specific resources for KS4 to help develop their independence. These are available in the school's VLE (your son will need to use his network login details to access the page).

Provisional GCSE timetable for Y11
Our virtual learning platform (the VLE)

The VLE has a wealth of materials to support your son’s revision throughout the whole of KS4.  Often subject teachers will signpost pupils to particular resources.  Beyond this all subject areas have lesson resources that match the curriculum taught in school.  As a result your son can independently revisit previous learning or do prior learning.

Many subjects also have links and recommendations to independent reading and to other revision and recall platforms online.

Ask your son to sign on and show you around the VLE; look at his core subjects (Maths, Science and English) and his options subjects too.

The VLE also has a dedicated careers section to help support your son in his future pathways and career choices.


    Pupil Wellbeing and Mental Heath

    Dealing with Anxiety

    Can food improve your exam performance?


For an overview of all Year 11 Exams please see the Exam Timetable

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