GCSE Examination Results 2016

Our Best Ever Results


Progress 8 Score


Attainment 8 Score


Percentage of pupils who’ve achieved grade C or above in English and Mathematics at the end of KS4


Percentage of pupils who’ve achieved the English Baccalaureate




Percentage of boys achieving a grade C or higher in both English and Mathematics


To continue to emphasise the importance of English and Mathematics, the DfE are still going to publish the percentage of students who achieve both a C grade or higher in both English and Mathematics as this is often the passport onto further and higher education.


The percentage of boys achieving C grade or higher in both English and Maths significantly improved for the second consecutive year to produce our best ever results.


75% of our Year 11 boys achieved a grade C pass or better in both Mathematics and English. This is a 14% improvement on the previous year.


The English and Mathematics departments both produced their best ever results at A* to C. 90% of boys achieved C grade or higher in English and 76% of boys achieved a C grade or higher in Mathematics.


Progress 8


The most important new way of publishing school GCSE performance is Progress 8


The DfE have produced a short video explaining the progress 8 measure.


The provisional performance tables have now been released and can be seen via this link 2016 performance tables.


A & A*


On top of this over 30% of all GCSE grades achieved by the boys in 2016 were A and A*, another exceptional outcome.


These outcomes are only possible through the hard work and the dedication of the staff, the students and the support the boys and school receive from those at home. So we would like to extend our thanks to all of the parents and carers of last year’s Year 11 boys.

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