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GreenPower Challenge 2024

Year 9 Design and Technology students show off their teamwork and engineering skills

Over a span of three days in June, eight Design and Technology students participated in the GreenPower Challenge. Their task involved utilising their scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical skills to design, construct, and race an electric car.

The event was hosted at Tameside College. The competition showcased the significance of Design and Technology, enabling students to develop practical skills for future careers, while also promoting enjoyment and engagement in competitive activities. The initial day was dedicated to design.

On the second day of the GreenPower Challenge, the West Hill team excelled, collaboratively overcoming challenges, honing their engineering abilities, and solving problems to prepare for the following day's race.

The conclusion of the GreenPower Challenge was outstanding, with the West Hill team demonstrating exceptional teamwork and determination. Above all, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Anticipation for the 2025 event is already high.