4 April 2022

It is important to Taylor Shaw to engage with all stakeholders at West Hill School.  Our vision is to create a loyal, engaged food community who truly values the catering provision.

We will create impact from day one through fun, focused marketing initiatives all designed to bring about positive change, creating a sense of pride and loyalty to the services.

We hold a catalogue of over 46 theme days to choose from with everything from World Food Week to Taco Tuesday to Waffles Day, there is a themed lunch to accompany most school events.

We have 14 CSR (corporate social responsibility) and health messages that can be used throughout the school year. Our CSR messages focus on topics such as hydrating well, recycling and salt awareness.

For our Summer promotions, we are specifically focussing on how we can support the exam period from a food perspective which is titled ‘Feed your Mind.’ This campaign shares messages around eating well during revision and before exams, tips on hydrating well and getting the right amount of sleep. We will focus on providing nutritional and delicious breakfasts for students to enjoy before exams.

In addition, we have 12 Health Swap messages, encouraging students to make better food choices by making small swaps, for example white bread for brown bread.

We want to ensure you that we at Taylor Shaw will do everything to make this a smooth a transition as possible. In relation to Parent Pay, we want you to be assured this will remain the same. The re-valuation station will also remain on site for any pupil wanting to top up using cash. 

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