1 February 2021

Pupil Video Calls have been highly successful and we have been able to address immediate concerns and worries for all our boys. We are really grateful for the feedback we have received from parents and carers, and given this feedback we have now refined our plans for contact with all boys.

Moving forwards, from Tuesday 2nd February Pupil Video Calls will be replaced with daily form group Teams sessions. These will take place every morning at 8.45am, as it would be in school, to get your son set up for learning for the rest of the day. Attendance at the daily form tutor Teams sessions will be compulsory and an attendance register will be taken.

Should your son have anything he would like to discuss privately, he should email his Form Tutor to request a 1:1 Teams session. Equally, your sons Form Tutor may request a 1:1 Teams session with your son should the need arise.

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