11 July 2020

Hegarty maths is a maths based learning website. It utilizes videos and quizzes to test your knowledge. It also includes unique features that help you to revise. These are ‘Fix up Five’, where you do five questions you got wrong previously and ‘MemRi’, where you do 10 questions of topics you have already completed.


Each topic involves you watching a roughly 10 minute video that goes through: a recap of other ‘building blocks’, an explanation of the method, examples and then tasks for you to complete. After watching the video you get a number of questions ranging from 3 to 12, depending on the length it takes to complete one question. You have two chances to get each question right and if you fail both you do not get a point for it. However, you can always redo the test to get 100% and then find it on a ‘Fix up Five’.


There are many things you can do to optimise your learning and results. Here are my tips:


Firstly if you get a question wrong, it is a good idea to take an extra amount of time to redo the question from the start. Then you should check if your answer makes sense and try to put it back into the question. For example, if you had to find an ‘x’ in an equation, you should then put the variable back into the equation to see if it works.


Secondly, make sure to watch the explanation, even if you know how to do it, due to previous learning, there could be a shorter way to do a part of the method and you could be shown the way you should set up your answers in the quiz.


Thirdly, set up your notes in an obvious way, writing extra information to parts of your method. Do this regularly to help with revising your topics and refreshing yourself during ‘Fix up Five’s and ‘MemRi’s. A clear method helps you to check against a failed one and makes you perfect the clear method for exams and later working.


Finally, before you do a task, look near the bottom of the webpage for a section labelled ‘building blocks’. This section contains any tasks that will help you in the current task. These may be simple, yet they sometimes help give shortcuts and boosts your scores to show that you can do more. It also boosts your revision by revisiting old knowledge.


I think the website is really useful for learning maths as it is like being with a teacher during the video and then practicing as if you were in a classroom during the test. It gets you to revise and refine yourself multiple times and get 100% on each test. Your scores are recorded in a pie chart, meaning you can easily see and feel proud about your achievements and see where you could improve some scores. I would recommend Hegartymaths to people who want to do extra lessons and want to revise their maths. It is accessible to most years and develops as you do with a huge database of information.


Article by Joshua Tindall


Tags: Maths