The Mathematics Department at West Hill School aim to expose all pupils to a wealth of mathematical skills, enabling them to approach real world issues in a logical and analytical way. This is realised through high quality teaching and learning experiences, whilst developing independence and resilience in all pupils through their mathematics journey.  


Curriculum Information - Maths

Subject Guides for Parents


To support your son’s learning and engagement in maths he needs to have the following equipment:

•    Planner 
•    2 pens (black or blue)
•    Green pen
•    2 pencils
•    Eraser
•    Pencil sharpener
•    Ruler
•    Protractor (angle measurer)
•    Compass
•    Scientific calculator (we recommend the Casio FX-85GTX)
•    Glue stick

The teachers in the department and the maths technician do sell most of this in school, equipment should be bought outside of lesson time however.


To support pupils learning the curriculum maps and maths resources are available on the school’s VLE. All pupils have their own log on details for this.
We use for home learning. The learning is delivered in the form of a video which should be watched in full with notes and examples written in the red home learning exercise book. This is then followed by a number of questions in the form of a quiz. As the work is marked electronically pupils receive instant feedback, pupils can have multiple attempts at each quiz should they need it. They can also get help during the questions should they need this. The results are displayed in a user friendly report which allows pupils (as well as parents and carers) and teachers to track progress and see exactly what pupils did, when they did it and for how long. Pupils can complete any extra work they choose to from this beyond the task(s) set each week.
Pupils will be offered the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of resources over their time at West Hill School. These are offered to pupils to support learning and reflect the stage they are at within their mathematics education.
Pupils have access to the PiXL Maths App and the PiXL Times Tables App, both are available for smartphones, tablets or computers.

PIXL Maths App at Google Play Store PIXL Maths for Desktop PCs PIXL Maths App at Applestore
PiXL Maths
PiXL Times Tables



Pupils study the AQA Mathematics GCSE 8300 course at the Foundation or Higher tier. This course is assessed by three examination papers at the end of Year 11, there is 1 non-calculator paper and 2 calculator papers. Further details are available from the examination board here.

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