West Hill Art Department is a visually stimulating and dynamic environment where students experience a broad and varied curriculum with an emphasis on fine art painting and drawing. The department delivers an engaging programme of study for all years and abilities and it is our aim for all boys to strive to achieve their best as they explore, develop and refine a variety of artistic skills.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum develops basic key skills, encouraging creativity and building confidence. Critical thinking is valued highly within the department, therefore art history and cultural links are embedded within projects at all levels.

In Key Stage 4 we encourage our pupils to develop independent learning skills which are needed in order to achieve a successful GCSE outcome and to equip them for life outside school. 

The department employs an open door policy, welcoming students outside of lesson time, to develop their skills while attending extra-curricular sessions.

We like to share the success of our students; displaying work from all year groups around the school and curating an end of GCSE exhibition within the department. Work is also available to a wider audience through our social media presence and the school website. 


Curriculum Information - Art & Design

Subject Guides for Parents


All drawing, painting, 3D, printmaking & design equipment is provided in lessons. In year 10 certain items are purchased on behalf of the exam candidates.


The art department is well stocked with books and other research material. Departmental IT equipment is used extensively for a variety of research tasks.


In years 10 and 11 pupils follow the AQA Fine art GCSE course. This is a well-established and successful series of projects assessed at the end of the course.

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