Remote learning guidance for parents:

Accessing resources when your child is absent or self-isolating

We understand that if your son is absent from school for any length of time this can be concerning and it may lead to gaps in his learning.  At West Hill School we have made provisions for your son to be able to immediately switch to remote learning through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).  This online platform is accessed through our website and pupils in all years have been shown how to access the lesson resources both in form and in subjects.  A link to the VLE can be found at the bottom left of our home page (see below) or click the ‘VLE’ abbreviation above:


If your son is unable to access remote learning online please contact the school to request paper copies of the work.

Your son must use the same username and password he uses to access the school network whilst in school.  He should follow his school timetable as closely as possible during his absence.  This will minimise gaps in his learning.  Lessons are categorised by subject and then year group (see below).



The lessons available will mirror the curriculum and learning taking place in school and as a result your son will not fall behind.  All pupils are regularly shown the location of their present learning, each week, in every subject.  The expectation is that pupils will independently access the resources and will not wait for guidance from their subject teachers. 

In many subjects a highlighting tool (shown below) is used to identify the present learning and resources for your son to work through.


  Letter to Parents - Blended Learning




In the table below some subjects have provided more general guidance on how to support your son in accessing his work:



Computer Science

Year 11 – key revision resources can be found here on the VLE:

Watching the revision videos, completing past papers and the A3 revision sheets would continue to develop your learning and understanding.

Year 10 – independently developing your Python programming skills would continue to develop your coding skills.


Some teachers may put class code or initials on the lesson they would like you to do if it is different than the main highlighted lesson.


Look for the section of work highlighted. Think about the work you did in school in your last lesson and proceed to the next online lesson/PowerPoint. At KS3 you should complete two lessons/PowerPoints per week. At KS4 you should complete 3 lessons/PowerPoints per week. This will mirror the work he are doing in school. Some lessons/PowerPoints have a multi-coloured hand logo. These PowerPoints provide additional support if necessary.


Each course has lesson links that take students to Kerboodle lessons.

In addition to the lesson resources, students should click the ‘digital book’ link, where they can find supporting information, key points and practice questions.  To further support your home school, each Science course has keyword glossaries and links to other, useful resources such as podcasts, video links and (For KS4) Interactive practical simulations.


Self-isolating pupils are expected to keep up with the work set in school as far as is practicable, observing home learning and assessment deadlines.

Please alert us through the contact page if your son is unable to complete or needs support with his remote learning.

All pupils are set up on the following systems for Home Learning:







Remote Access




eMail, VLE and Remote Access all use the same password

For a pupil their Usernames are made up as follows:

99 The last 2 digits of the year they entered Year 7 (e.g. 2017 - 17)
f The first letter of their first name
fffff Their first name
sssss Their surname


Unless a password reset has been requested, passwords will be the same as they last were in school!

Login problems 

If you are struggling to log into Remote Access, please confirm that you are entering your username in the format: westhillschool\20jsmith, if, for example, your name is John Smith and you started Year 7 in 2020.

You must type westhillschool followed by a backslash (next to Z on most keyboards) before your username.

To log into the VLE, you should not include westhillschool, so your username would, for example, be: 20jsmith.

If you still cannot log in to email/VLE/Remote Access after checking your usernames are correct, you should then email ICT Support,, to request a password reset.  You do not have to email from a school address to do this. 

If you are having difficulties logging in to Doodle or Kerboodle email your Class Teacher.

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