13 May 2022

Last night was our Summer Concert.  It was the first live performance in some time, and the audience lapped it up.  The appreciation for our musicians was heartfelt and the recognition of the hard work they put in was acknowledged by all there. It truly was an uplifting experience for those present, which comprised all segments of the West Hill family.

On Monday our Y11 boys will be starting the main examination season with written papers being sat through until late June.  These are in some ways the culmination of their academic studies at West Hill.  However, whilst they are important, they are not the sole judge on a boy’s worth.  There are many other elements of a boy’s character and skill set, developed in his time with us, that are of equal merit. 

That said the focus over these next few weeks will be on each boy trying his hardest to get the best results he can. For the last two years the hiatus around formal examinations, due to disruptions in education linked to the pandemic, has altered the rhythms of this time of year.  In truth our Class of 2022 have faced the same disruptions to their learning, they will be endeavouring to produce evidence to reflect the work they have done during their studies, to overcome these challenges.

Whilst some often promote luck at such times, in many respects this is counter to our mantra of hard work and preparation.  The only superstition we encourage at West Hill is the toe tapping number our Jazz Orchestra perform.  The message we try and instil in the boys is that the rewards they may achieve are based on the efforts they put in.  It is not just about the time in the exam room, more the hours they have spent in class, with their teachers and peers, as well as on their own at home, building for these next few weeks

So for this year group in particular, we will not be dispensing any 4 leafed clovers this weekend, just reminding them to remain calm, we have total faith in them, and  they should receive the rewards their effort merit.

Mr Owens

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