6 May 2022

Today has seen our new prefect body involved in training ahead of taking up their new roles.  This process began earlier this term when Mrs Wood shared with the Y10 boys the history, as well as the roles and responsibilities of being a prefect at West Hill School.  The boys had to submit applications to become a prefect, before being interviewed by panels comprising staff, trustees and Y11 prefects.  The successful group from that stage have today had a range of inputs organised by Mr Evans, involving elements including team building (with support from the army) and problem solving, in addition conflict resolution (led by local police) and first aid have been part of a busy day. The now almost famous quiz challenge, with Mr Lawton's House of Games, was especially well received, before the boys received their Prefect ties.

From the prefect body, boys can then decide to apply for the position of Head Boy, which will be before the end of term. It was particularly poignant to hear the words delivered by our current Head Boy who addressed the group with some of his senior team.  It is part of one group passing on the baton to the next, but whilst the names and faces may change, the values and the pride the boys have in being part of this school, and how they can contribute to support others echoes powerfully from this year to the next.

Mr Owens   

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