21 May 2021

There has been a shift this week in the requirement for boys to wear masks.  The boys have adapted as ever and their abilities to cope with limitations and then changes has been a real credit to them.  One example of the adjustments we have had to make this last year, in relation to the restrictions, has been within our science department.  The approach to practical lessons has been adapted, to reflect even more safety requirements, but the principles underpinning the departmental aims have not.   The ambitions from our science staff are reflected in the curriculum approach, which is designed to work through Years 7 to Year 11, to enable every boy to master concepts and progress to the next step in their science journey.   We have a significant number of boys who follow a science pathway onto Post 16 study and training, as well as later careers in this field. 

Maths, literacy, and Working Scientifically skills are fully embedded throughout the knowledge-rich curriculum. It's an inquisitive and accessible approach which sparks a passion for science from Year 7, so that learners develop knowledge and key skills coherently as they progress through their time at West Hill.

The ‘big ideas’ met in years 7and 8 are revisited providing an opportunity to build a secure knowledge and skill base. In year 9, key concepts are further explored. Emphasis is placed on the application of the knowledge gleaned in the early years and the development of the skills necessary to communicate their knowledge understanding in a logical and coherent manner.

The big ideas spark the imagination and passion in our boys by allowing them to formulate their own understanding of the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the world around them, this underpins and develops their own thought processes and opinions on matters relating to their own personal well-being and their impact on the environment. 

In KS4, every boy has a significant part of their learning time devoted to science.  By relating the science curriculum to current affairs, environmental issues, public health and developments in technology, our students can grow as responsible, culturally and scientifically aware citizens of the community. Empowered by a strong academic and cultural foundation, they are better equipped to make the most appropriate choices for their future lives, personal well-being, further studies and careers.

This last year has demonstrated more than ever, the need for an understanding of science, as well as the ability and skills to see through some of the misinformation that has been circulating from some quarters.  Thanks to the commitment of our science staff, our boys are well informed and equipped with a desire to keep questioning, they will in time be able to make their own contribution to improving the communities in which they live.

Mr Owens

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