12 March 2021

A full week with a full cohort on site, a happy new year start.  After the uncertainties of this calendar year to date, it was so good to have West Hill buzzing again. Boys were back on the yard catching up on missed friendships and full class learning became the norm again, as staff and boys quickly got back into routines. 

Being able to walk the corridors again, dropping into classrooms, was really uplifting.  The energy that teaching staff generate within the classroom dynamic, is often underappreciated.  This was evident in the maths lessons I saw. The desire from our dedicated teachers, to build confidence in our boys handling of numbers was noticeable.  All lessons are delivered by maths specialists, who regularly ensure our boys can appreciate how the skills they learn in the class setting, can be applied to situations outside of school.  It really does generate an understanding in our boys, of the relevance of mathematics and the importance of developing their skills, as well as knowledge.

The team use the maths Twitter feed regularly to share information, as well as challenging quizzes to engage boys across all year groups.  Problem solving is a key skill, and our boys rise to the varied challenges they get confronted with.  Many of our boys are using specific Apps on devices, as directed by their teachers,  to hone their skills and understanding.

Assemblies this week have been arranged by Mr Lawton, to share with our boys the importance of the Census, and how the data gathering informs so many elements of our lives.

We completed the final on site covid tests for boys today, and they are all taking kits home this afternoon to continue self-testing.  Boys have taken on board the need to wear masks whilst in classrooms, and recognised the responsibilities they have, to the wider community in regards their actions.  The messages of support we have received this week from families in relation to the testing as well as the support provided during lockdown, have provided a boost.  They illustrate the benefits of working collaboratively in order to overcome challenges when they confront us.

It is most certainly good to be back.

Mr Owens

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