5 February 2021

One of the things that many people have missed in recent times is the flexibility to travel.  Whilst some may hanker forlornly for a warm Mediterranean afternoon, the restrictions on making even local journeys, has emphasised how much the benefits of new experiences, or even revisited ones, are to us all. 

Our Geography department have offered a small element of comfort with their tweets of webcams from across the globe, providing a brief moment of escapism.  Travelling is often quoted as the best education you can have, the title of this entry is one by Mark Twain.  Much of what our boys explore within the geography curriculum is built around that premise.  In and around the Hewitt building top corridor there, are reminders to help our boys understand and appreciate the importance of our ecosystems, the interconnections between people and places, as well as our impact on the environment locally, as well as globally. So geography is so much more than looking at maps, and the knowledge and skills our boys develop, are a key component of developing the fully engaged citizens at the heart of what West Hill is about.

The dedicated Geography team we have in school, promote not only the value of learning within the classroom but also the key benefits associated with learning outside of the classroom.  Boys experience field trips that incorporate a range of learning experiences, making the theory real, as well as an element of adventure that generates memories of school that live long into the future.  GCSE boys will attend a residential that incorporates studying the cityscape of Liverpool, England, as well as collecting data during a river study near Tafarn-y-Gelyn, and evaluating human impact on natural processes. A return visit to Iceland has been planned, following an amazing 2018 trip, memorable for all those that experienced the land of fire and ice. 

Our Y9 boys are now starting on their Pathways Programme, which equips them for the transition into Key Stage 4.  Inevitably there has needed to be amendments to our usual communication systems.  Whilst much documentation has already been issued, the opportunity to have a meeting with families, as we traditionally have done at Dukinfield Town Hall, has not been possible.  That said, Mr Butterworth was able to host a very successful virtual conference last night, with so many families from West Hill attending. A presentation from Greater Manchester Higher was well received by all, and the positive feedback following the event, illustrates that our intentions to maintain as many of the structures we can during these times, is recognised and appreciated.

Mr Owens

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