25 September 2020

That is a quote attributed to Federico Fellini.  On Monday our Modern Foreign Languages team launched the European day of languages, with the theme running through the rest of the week.  Our boys have been involved with quizzes and competitions to help them appreciate the rich diversity of languages.   Not only is the acquisition of additional languages a good thing in its own right, it is also a contribution to wider intellectual development. Moreover gaining competence in more than one language enhances career opportunities, and this links with our aim to equip our boys with the skills needed to transition positively into the workplace.  In an era of increasing globalisation and changing patterns of business ownership, it means that citizens increasingly need foreign language skills to work effectively within their own countries as well as providing opportunities to work abroad.

At West Hill our language team have introduced Spanish this term to our Year 7 boys.  This is in addition to our traditional offer of German as part of a curriculum expansion.  I have been able to spend some time in classes this week and witnessed the enthusiasm from both boys and staff which is so encouraging.  So whilst there is an academic benefit from studying languages, the gains in a wider context tap into our school ethos and values.  Learning other peoples' languages is a way of helping us to understand each other better and help overcome any cultural differences.

In a time when there are challenges from some quarters to that wider appreciation of difference, it is even more important that our boys can demonstrate the values that will make our communities more cohesive.  The work of our MFL team play a vital role in that.

Last night was designated as our Moving on Evening, which given the restrictions we are dealing with became a virtual event.  Our video,that aims to reflect what West Hill is about, has been warmly received and we appreciate the positive feedback it has generated.

Yesterday we also had our first positive Covid test result from a member of our school community.  As it was, our systems that we had in place for such a scenario were tested, and I am pleased to say proved to be robust and effective.  I applaud the responses from our staff, our boys and particularly the parent body, that have been supportive and lacking the hysteria that some commentators may have feared.  It is almost inevitable that we will be having to act in a similar way over the coming days and weeks.  Whilst we all recognise this is not going to be easy, I feel even more confident in our capacity to deal with whatever challenge we face.


Mr Owens

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