On Thursday 22nd June Snapchat introduced a new feature , the "Snap Map".

The latest version of the Snapchat App includes Snap Map that allows users to see exactly where their contacts are and for them to see where you are.  This has raised some concerns as it could allow people to build up a picture of your movements giving away where you live, go to school, or spend your spare time.

There are three security levels for sharing your location on the map:

  • Ghost              - Only you can see your location.
  • Select Friends - Only the friends you have selected can see your location.
  • My Friends      -  Everybody on your contact list can see your location.

The UK Safer Internet Centre (Full Article) gives the following advice:

Sharing location can be a risky thing to do. Our tips for location sharing are:

  • Only share your location with people you know in person. Never share your location with strangers.
  • Don’t add contacts to Snapchat if you don’t know them in person.
  • Regularly review your settings and take an active decision about whether you want people to know your location. Remember you can switch this off at any time. Think about where you’re sharing your location. Location services such as Snap Maps can lead people to your house. Think about what times you’re on the app and whether these are locations you want to share – if not, then turn this off within your settings.