I would like to take this opportunity to offer you my warmest welcome to West Hill School and its website. I hope you find it informative and get an insight into our school, its ethos and work. It was a privilege and an honour to have been appointed as Headteacher of West Hill and to take up this exciting position on 1st September 2015.

West Hill School is a unique converter Academy for the boys and young men of Tameside and the surrounding area. It successfully blends modern approaches to teaching and learning with traditional values which underpin all that we do. This allows each boy and young man, who study and learn here, the very best opportunities to challenge themselves to become the best they can possibly be. This occurs in a happy, safe, orderly and purposeful environment which promotes the highest standards of attainment, progress, behaviour and attitudes.

Teaching and learning are at the heart of what we do. All our staff are specialists in their own subject areas and deliver engaging and quality lessons. Indeed, we make no apologies for having exceptionally high standards and expectations of both our pupils and staff. We expect all members of our community to actively promote the school ethos which is embodied by its motto of “Aim High.” At West Hill School we understand that the pupils here will only reach their full potential when the school and parents and carers work effectively in partnership with each other. As a school, we value the relationship we have with parents and carers wholeheartedly and welcome their support in ensuring that our values, ethos and expectations are upheld.

The curriculum we offer is broad and balanced, offering a personalised pathway so that each and every boy is supported, stretched and challenged. Providing him with the capacity to develop and mature into an exemplary young man, who, not only takes an active part in his local community, but flourishes and surpasses the exceptionally high expectations we all have for him. He will then not only be an active participant in his local, national and global community, but have the capability to become a leader within them.

Every boy and young man is an individual, each having their own individual talents and gifts. It is our responsibility to firstly offer opportunities to allow these talents to be discovered and then to nurture them to full fruition. We recognise and celebrate the achievements of all of the boys and young men of West Hill School. This includes the celebration and acknowledgement for excellence in academia, sport, creativity, performing arts, economic and social entrepreneurship; the demonstration of strong moral and ethical values together with the personal attributes of exceptionally good manners, thoughtfulness and tolerance. This list is far from exhaustive and only provides a flavour of what we hold in high regard and recognise in the pupils here.

At West Hill School, we believe in a holistic approach to education. Although academic success is of paramount importance, educating the whole pupil involves providing opportunities and experiences which enhance their knowledge, skills and personal attributes far beyond that tested in external examinations. Education is far more than the subjects and scheduled lessons which are taught throughout the day. Therefore, much of what we teach (and what the boys learn) occurs beyond the classroom. These experiences will ensure that they have the very widest range of opportunities later in their lives and that every door is open to them.

Many schools see their extra-curricular programme as an enhancement of their curriculum; we are so committed and passionate about our extensive extra-curricular programme that we see it as an equally important, integral and essential part of what we offer. I would challenge anyone to find a more extensive and varied extra-curricular programme and honestly believe it is second to none. The programme truly enriches the experience of the boys and young men who actively engage in what we offer. All pupils are not only actively encouraged to participate in the wealth of activities; there is an expectation that they undertake at least one if not more of these opportunities as they promote the personal attributes of collaboration, teamwork, fairness and the commitment to help and support others. West Hill School has a long standing and enviable reputation within our local and extended community. Our links with the community continue to develop and strengthen and we work closely with parents and carers via induction evenings, parents’ consultation evenings and the Parents’ Association.


Mr A F Harrison