Dear Parents, Guardians and prospective West Hill pupils,


My name is Bradley Gore and I am the current Head Boy at West Hill School. I have the privilege of representing all of the pupils in school and intend to use the role to benefit our school community. West Hill, and the opportunities it presents, has allowed me to grow into a mature, independent, young man and I have no doubt that the school can shape your son into a successful, well rounded student.


West Hill is a school that pushes students to achieve highly in all academic study, however there is much more to life as a West Hill boy. With an extensive range of extracurricular activities, students here are always encouraged to get involved and to take all opportunities that come their way. Pupils at West Hill develop skills needed in later life, becoming respectful, determined and courteous individuals.


The school prides itself on its sporting and music department. Trophies, photos of past winning teams and cups are scattered around the main building and all act as evidence of an extremely successful PE department and the opportunities it still offers everybody here at West Hill. During my time here, I have been part of the Music Department, learning the saxophone and piano and playing in the Jazz Orchestra. I feel like I have gained skills here that I would not have gained anywhere else.


The atmosphere and the community that we have here at school, is one which allows all students to progress both as individuals and in their academic study. Being Ready, Respectful and Responsible is a cornerstone of our school ethos - such qualities help us all to achieve.


Here at West Hill, we have excellent support to aid us in our future careers. I believe that every West Hill boy knows where to find guidance to help them progress into later life and leaves the school with total confidence in their future. I believe that this is unique and something in which the school prides itself.


My overall experience at West Hill has been fantastic and I hope that every one of my peers would agree with me. West Hill embeds an excellent set of morals into every one of its students and prepares them for a successful future.


Bradley Gore

Head Boy 2018-19