On Thursday 24th March 1927 West Hill Council School was officially opened by Alderman Thomas Cook, O.B.E., J.P., the Chairman of Borough of Stalybridge Education Committee, it is reported that he said that by converting the Mansion rather than building a new school Borough of Stalybridge saved £10,000.



The main building was formerly a a private residence and was purchased by the Corporation in February, 1922, on the recommendation of the Education Committee with a view to its conversion into a Central School for Boys.  The site purchased was 32,975 square yards and an adjoining 10,000 square yard plot was also acquired for additional playing field accommodation.


Main Building

Ground Floor


First Floor

Main Building - Ground Floor  


There were originally ten classrooms, five on the Ground Floor, including a room for practical science and five on the first floor, two of which were to be for Handicraft purposes pending the completion of the full scheme.

There was also a detached building to the rear of the main building, roughly where the Resistant Materials & RE block now is, the plan was convert this building to house handicraft rooms, a recreation hall, a school canteen and a storeroom for games apparatus amongst other things.  Once the handicraft rooms were moved from the main building it was expected that the school would be able to accommodate about 400 boys.


Detached Building

Ground Floor


First Floor

Detached Building - Ground Floor   Detached Building - First Floor


As part of the scheme it was planned to lay a 1600 square yard (approx.1338m2) finished with a hard level surface for the purpose of Drill and Physical Exercise, also Football and Cricket Pitches were to be formed, drained and levelled and would cover an area of over 3 acres (approx. 1.2 hectares or 12140 m2).

Below is an anthology of pupils' work celebrating 95 years of our history.

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