Dear Parents, Guardians and future West Hill Boys

My name is Alex Shelton and I have the distinct honour and privilege of calling myself the Head Boy of West Hill School – a position that is steeped in history and heritage, much like the school itself.

West Hill School is a school that prides itself on pushing all of its pupils to the limits of their potential. The motto ‘Aim High’ is not only stitched onto the blazers of West Hill boys but is woven into the very fabric of West Hill school, and has been since the school’s inception in 1927.  It instils a way of thinking, learning and growing which is the hallmark of every boy’s journey at West Hill. The school continually endeavours to create an environment in which all stakeholders are encouraged to ‘Aim High’, with both staff and pupils alike willing to put in the effort required to enable everyone to succeed.  This commitment to expecting the best for all its pupils is one of the things I believe makes West Hill the esteemed and respected school that it is today.

The concept of ‘Aiming High’ extends way beyond the classroom. West Hill offers a vast range of opportunities for boys who wish to enhance their development and learning beyond the core curriculum, ensuring that ALL the boys’ strengths are nurtured and supported. These clubs, including Chess, Study Club ( a club where students are given the opportunity to show initiative and work on aspects of learning they struggle with), Art, Debate Mate, all clearly benefit a boy’s development, helping him to become an independent and confident  young man who will leave West Hill ready to face the world. I personally benefited from the Debate Mate programme which pits students from different schools against each other to debate the pressing issues that face our society. This extremely beneficial experience instilled in me a sense of confidence; without this confidence I doubt that I would have had the tenacity to push myself and apply to be Head Boy. West Hill recognises and understands the fact that all students are different and they will develop in different ways.  In offering these extra-curricular opportunities to all its pupils, the school actively encourages every boy to achieve his full potential.

One of the things that West Hill is rightly recognised for is its sporting prowess, consistently exhibited by boys from years 7 to 11 in a multitude of different sports. The halls of the school’s oldest building are adorned with a myriad of trophies and medals, all testament to the pupil’s determination and dedication to achieve in their chosen sport.  This constant pursuit of excellence, embodied by both staff and pupils, is still producing multiple medallists on both the local and national stage.

West Hill is a school that cares for every single pupil and is fully aware of the importance of ensuring that the boys benefit from a positive and supporting environment in which they can flourish.  The comprehensive pupil support system includes the work of staff and pupils dedicated to helping boys adjust and adapt to the high school environment. This intervention by the school directly impacts every West Hill boy, creating a safe and nurturing culture in which the continued success of every pupil is of paramount importance.

I can assure you, without hesitation, that West Hill takes the education and development of every pupil seriously and will continue to support them effectively, creating a body of dedicated, flourishing young men who will enhance and enrich our society, both now and in the future.

I hope this letter has convinced you of what I believe to be true; West Hill is the best choice you can make if you want to develop your character, widen your horizons and fulfil your unique potential and most of all Aim High.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Shelton

Head Boy 2016-2017